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The G Pen Elite is the newest vaporizer from Grenco Science, offering many improvements over previous versions of the G Pen.

the G Pen Elite be very easy to use. A particularly convenient feature is its pass-through charging

The GPen Elite is the most ergonomic portable vaporizer on the market. This is herb vaporizer is both powerful and smart.
It's very convenient, pocket friendly and easy to use. Its features include full LED display, temperature control settings, battery level indicator and a chamber with a huge capacity to have a longer and smooth vaping experience.

109,00 € tax incl.

-9,00 €

118,00 € tax incl.

Μέγεθος150 gr

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This the best vaporizer in their lineup, and it offers enough features that it can be considered as a good competitor in the $200 market. The design is awesome, the heating chamber is huge, and the precise temperature control is something more vapes need to start offering. On the other hand, the vapor is unreasonably hot, and the battery life isn’t the greatest. All in all, this is an above-average vaporizer that

while still providing precise temperature control and a nice-sized heating chamber.
this vape is competitive with just about any other in terms of portability. It is comfortable to carry in the hand, but durable enough to carry around in a pocket or a bag. The lack of glass or easily removed components means that you are unlikely to break or lose a piece under normal circumstances.