Sex-E (Happy Caps) 4 capsules 2 gr

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Sex-E contains a wide variety of herbs that have mood effects, enhance sexual pleasure, increase endurance and improve blood flow to the genital area. Despite the mix of herbal ingredients, Sex-E is the most affordable of all Happy Caps. Even people who are sensitive or not used to taking stimulants can experience Sex-E without adverse effects.

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Μέγεθος210 gr

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The happiest Happy Cap is the Euphor-E. These Happy Caps are able to create moments of happiness. The two main ingredients in this unique herbal capsule are Guarana and Kanna 10x extract. Guarana in this Euphor-E is a well known ingredient in energy pills and beverages. Kanna 10x extract improves mood, stimulates social interactions and has a relaxing effect. Components Composition of 1 capsule: Guarana, Kanna, theobromine, synephrine, magnesium stearate, calcium dioxide, gelatin, cellulose. Use Take 1 to 2 capsules with water, about 45 minutes before the desired result. Do not exceed the maximum dose of 2 capsules every 24 hours.