Arizer Air II Black Vaporizer

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Arizer Air 2 is a new product with a sleek touch and slim design, for portable use. This impressive vaporizer is very eye-catching and comes in two color variants - Carbon Black and Mystic Blue. This handheld vaporizer is quite discreet and portable, to show its aesthetic appeal. Arizer Air 2 is the new product that has a lot to offer - beautiful and aesthetically appealing design, quality steaming experience and quality construction, comfort, durable battery power and much more. The Arizer Air 2 has everything in one portable vaporizer

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Arizer Air 2 Features: Ίνεται Heats up quickly Σίας Temperature control per degree ~ 50% Larger capacity replaceable batteries with longer life Ποιότητας High quality accessories . Portable and stylish . Produces dense vapors . Easy to use - no complicated user manual required Ρίς No maintenance USB USB charging port . Can be used during charging . Vapor purity - Isolated air path resulting in the cleanest steam ~ Steam path from glass silicon that emits the most delicious steam.