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Mango flavoured cereal cookies with hemp protein

Sweet mango goes surprisingly well with aromatic hemp! These high-fibre, hemp-packed, super tasty cookies were baked with love using only top-quality traditional ingredients like wholemeal flour and cane sugar, making them a perfect snack to satisfy your munchies. Hemp protein has a great nutritional profile, which packs essential amino acids, minerals, healthy fats and fibre, and helps fight fatigue.

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How to best enjoy our cookies:

  1. Simply eat them as a snack whenever you’re hungry or have a sweet tooth.
  2. For breakfast. Break them into pieces and put in a bowl. Pour milk or yoghurt. Add berries for taste.
Nutritional information:per 100 g
Energy value 1648 kJ/393 kcal
Fats15 g
 from which saturated fatty acids5,3 g
Carbohydrates59 g
 from which sugars25 g
Protein8,2 g
Salt0,73 g